Wicker basket
and wood carrier set

Mat Dimensions: 56x88 cm

A practical and functional set for the transportation and storage of wood.
Wood is always at hand, and the basket and mat are a wonderful decoration in front of the fireplace. While transporting wood the shavings and other impurities will not fall on your floor. No more mess cleaning wood bits off your floor. Wood will not fall or move around.

Thanks to the application of a special treatment the mat fabric has the following qualities:
  • high resistance to rubbing and stretching
  • high mechanical strength
  • antibacterial
  • organic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly

Material (MAT) - fabric 100% LINEN
Packed in a box made of cardboard - 670x440x390 mm
Gross weight - 3,80 kg

Color NATURAL - Art. no 12.00-10