Safety work apron
Dimensions: 60x110 cm

Attractive apron to carry wood from the storage to the fireplace. Simple, yet very practical. Weight is distributed across your back and shoulders easily stabilising the load,even freeing one hand, allowing you to easily open doors or hold the handrail on the stairs.
Thanks to its practical design, you can also use it to work in the garden to collect weeds and move bags of peat or bark with ease.

  • Protects clothes from loose bark, dirt and debris from firewood
  • Protects the back and spine from excessive load
  • Made from durable, stain-resistant material
  • It has solid handles and stitching

You willimmediately notice about how much easier it is to move the wood with this ergonomic skirted design.
Remember! to always maintain the weight of the cargo to no more than the maximum capability of the apron and your physical condition.

Material - coated fabric, PVC
Packed in foil bag with dimensions: 670x500 mm
Gross weight: 0,80 kg

Available colors:

GREEN - Art. no 01.01-03
BLACK - Art. no 01.01-07
BEIGE - Art. no 01.01-08